Summer Shoe Trends

Summer’s finally here, and the only rules for this season’s shoes seems to be – there are no rules! From heels to Dad trainers to shoes with feathers, it seems that anything goes. So  let’s embrace the sartorial freedoms offered up by Summer.

One of the first trends to emerge in the spring was Cowboy Boots. These arrived just in time for the later winter weather, but would be equally perfect for braving the mud in style during British festival season.





We’ll also be going back to the future with 90s style futuristic trainers, with their thick soles and chunky, detailed uppers. Think Air Huaraches and Reebok’s most baroque stylings.

Not quite like walking on air, but pumps are also back. You could be practically walking in the air on seriously high ’80s-style stiletto pumps. It’s a shoe trend that many are buying into, and Victoria Beckham is definitely onboard. Choose a pair in a bright primary colour for maximum effect, a piece of advice for all shoes this season.

Unless, that is, you follow another trend, and opt for clear plastic shoes. Chanel – via the hand of Karl Lagerfeld –  inaugurated the trend for everything on the runway, and now everyone’s following  foot – on shoes at least.

Did we mention heels earlier? They’re in, but there’s no one heel shape that rules supreme. You have the choice of styles from block to stiletto to curvier silhouettes, if you want to play with more sculptural styles.

Shoes aren’t just getting more daring in their shapes though – they’re also becoming adventurous in their detailing. Feathers are cropping up on shoes, a fashion launched by Saint Laurent, and now appearing on a high street near you. Kitsch embellishment is also in, as shoes are brightened up by jewels, glitter, bows and shiny things in general.

As much as we love kitsch, you just can’t beat white for that classic, timeless look. White shoes will also be making large inroads this season, and make you look like a million dollars. Although, as we speak, some designer is probably accessorising shoes with diamonds.

So have fun with this summer’s shoe styles – there’s something on offer to suit all tastes, and budgets.


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