The Story of Vans

Vans have gone from being an underground cult shoe company to one of the most omnipresent sights on Britain’s streets, their sneakers instantly recognisable. Whether sporting the signature side stripe, playing with their two-tone colour combinations or their checkerboard slip on styles, their funky style is unmistakeable. But how did Vans conquer Britain’s high streets, and, indeed, the world’s? Continue reading “The Story of Vans”

A Century of Converse

Hard as it is to believe, this year Converse is 100 years old.  The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was formed in 1908, and the first Converse All-Star was produced as an elite basketball shoe in 1918. With a classic design that hasn’t changed since 1947, All-Star has since gone on to become one of the most potent signifiers of Americana, especially at the movies.  Continue reading “A Century of Converse”